Antique shadowing with General Finishes glaze…

I took this boring white bed and turned it into a gorgeous French style oasis that will surely give you beauty sleep!

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I used General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint. After the paint was dry, I used General Finishes water based top coat, Flat out Flat to seal the paint. Which is important step as it makes the glaze easier to manipulate. I then did a shadowing technique with General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze around the details. It’s the perfect shade of brown/black.


Here is a video on how to achieve this look.

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A broken old chair up-cycled into a succulent wall planter

My good friend, Andrea gave me this chair. It was in pieces! The front legs were broken off & 1/2 of the seat frame was broken at the joints. I kept coming back to the chair and looking at it’s joints & pieces and knew I could re-purpose it into something really cool!

I first took all what was left on the front of the chair off at the joints using a hammer. I was left with a flat back part of the chair.


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The Transformation of an Antique Window frame.

My friend, Jennifer from The Pink Moose gave me this antique window frame. I fell in love  the minute I laid eyes upon it. I knew I wanted to create something unique, one of a kind and of course hang it in my dining room. I know I’m not the only artist that keeps things that you just can’t find anywhere else. We keep the best stuff! lol

I love the original finish on the window frame. So I didn’t touch that. I needed to add a backing to the bottom part of the window.


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Antique Mirror with an acid technique that also has a love story…

I knew when we transformed our master bath that I wanted an antique mirror above my bathtub. I purchased this beautiful solid wood mirror off Craigslist for maybe $15.00. My good friend Jennifer from, The Pink Moose had just finished this chest of drawers & mirror with a acid technique. She learned it from Sasha who owns  Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.

I had the vision of putting photos of my husband and I from our wedding. We’ve been married 24 yrs next month. Married at the rip age of 17 and 19 yrs old. Our road hasn’t been easy (who’s is?) and we have danced through many minefields over our lifetime. Which brings me to the lyrics on the mirror. Lyrics from our song, “Dancing in the Minefields” by  Andrew Peterson. It’s the most beautiful song that describes our ups and downs over the last 24 yrs. No matter what life threw at us, we clung to the promise of forgiveness, grace and unconditional love.

Sooooo now that you understand my heart behind this piece…lets get to the fun part!

It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The hand carved details are just gorgeous.
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Master bath transformation on a budget!

I’ve been wanting to upgrade our master bath since we moved into our home a little over 2  years ago. I was determined to upgrade it on a dime (well just a few dimes) and do all the work. I tackled our kitchen a few months ago and even tho it was A LOT of work, I knew I could do our master bath.

Here’s how the process went…..

First I had to take my shopping buddy, side kick, my shadow with me to my favorite store, Home Depot. We picked up some nearly perfect Tongue and Groove Pine boards for the shiplap walls. CallieAnne had a great time riding along will I pushed the load around the store.


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A little Glitz & Glam for this boring white KitchenAid Mixer.

My boring white KitchenAid mixer needed a face-lift. Slowly but surely we’ve been updating our 2007 home. We all know upgrading your builder grade home isn’t cheap. New cabinets are 40-50k. New bathroom vanity isn’t cheap, upgrading linoleum floors with tile isn’t cheap either. So I painted my kitchen & bathroom cabinets, we will rip up the linoleum & put down new tile. We’ve even put Shiplap in our dining room and in the middle of putting it in our master bath (transformation blog coming).

So while I recoup from these big projects I tend to do some smalls. I knew I wanted to try Plutonium Paint. It’s like the Macy’s of all spray paints. Top of the line, head honcho…The Big Dog! After chit-chatting with wonderful Meredith at Plutonium, I narrowed down some colors for my project.


Before After

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Plastic pink flower pot, no more!

Welcome to the National Scrapbook Day Celebration hosted by Prima Marketing, with Iron Iron Orchard Designs!
“If it’s not Baroque, then fix it!”

~ The IOD Sisters

Hope you’re enjoying the Celebration – what an amazing array of projects and demos! As part of the celebration, I want to invite you to imagine using your Iron Orchid Design Moulds in new and different ways…

Please visit our participating Iron Orchid Design Queen. Heather at Thicketworks has a place for exploration and experimentation. – click HERE, to visit her!


Today I’ll be sharing a flower pot I transformed with similar appliques you can get and create from IOD.

I picked up this beautiful Lavender Topiary from Costco and just fell in love with is cuteness. Ohh and the smell of the greenery when pressed. I use lavender oils daily as they are very calming to my soul. So why not a live plant?

I was a bit worried when I made the purchase as I’m great with a paint brush, pretty decent cook and baker but when it comes to keeping a plant alive? Well…not so good at that. So lets hope this little guy stays as beautiful as the day I purchased it.

12987123_1047701548619821_4826357453048814528_n (1)

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My Anniversary gift to my love….

I picked up this piece at Greenwood Wildlife Thrift Store and Consignment Gallery in Boulder, CO. It was tucked away in the very back because the finish on it was in poor shape. I saw the potential the minute I laid eyes on it. My husband, Rob & I went back a few days later to pick it up & he fell in love with it. I knew right then that I was going to give it to him as a surprise Anniversary gift. Brought it home & got to work. I opted not to paint it after talking with my friend Jen at J Burns Designs & a little education on the craftsmenship. So I sanded, stripped & cleaned the exiting finish off. Continue reading My Anniversary gift to my love….